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Terms & Conditions


Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft (RTT&F) Terms and Conditions:

Why do we have them? Why do you need to read them?

Why do you need to let us know you read them?

As with all travel, there are potential situations that could impact your trip. They might be as simple as a flight delay that causes you to miss a scheduled taxi pickup. They can also be as profound as a family emergency or health event that compels you to cancel your participation. (We refer to these situations as "the unforeseen unforeseens". Pretty much describes it, don't you think?) We too experience them, as we plan and facilitate trips for you. Occasionally we have to change a published itinerary due to a local provider's change of location or inability to staff their business, or we experience a crazy cancelation situation due to extreme weather or a worldwide pandemic. In order to protect you, us and our relationship, we prefer to have policies in place for how to handle the unforeseen unforeseens. Those policies are included in our Terms and Conditions, along with information about privacy, payments, passport requirements and a host of other useful topics. Please read the document. In fact, we're requiring you to read it before registering for a trip. Please reread before contacting us about any cancellations. Yes, we know you can skim it and simply check the box that asks for your acknowledgement. But please do actually read it. It won't take half as long as you think. It might save a lot of time and trouble down the line. In the best of all possible scenarios, you will read it once then never have to refer to it again. We're hoping that will be the case, every single time.

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