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hebridean walking socks


A glimpse into our trips to Scotland (Wool & Whisky, Wool & Whisky 2: Highlands and Islands) and a useful item to pack if you're along on one of our walking tours (A Walking Adventure in Scotland's Outer Hebrides, Cotswolds Walking Holiday and any of our Make-Walk-Explore retreats).

What could be nicer than a pair of warm & comfy ones, custom made just for you? (Or for a loved one, if you're feeling generous) Our Hebridean Walking Socks are designed to cushion and support your feet during long distance walks. Each is constructed by starting at the toes and working up the foot. You choose the width, length and cuff height that works best for you. We've paired the pattern with some sturdy, beautiful yarn from our friends at Birlinn Yarn Company. From warm weather to cold, dry days to pouring rainy ones, these socks will help you navigate those outdoor adventures your heart so longs to undertake. Don't be surprised if you find yourself planning to knit up some additional pairs before your first walk in them is complete!

about the yarn

Yarn amount listed is for a typical pair of single-color crew socks, with the cuff at mid-calf height.2 2, 2, 3 balls of Birlinn Yarn Company's 4 ply Natural or Hebridean Colors (50g, 190 y/175m).

About the Yarn: Introducing an amazing and wonderful wool business located on the wild shores of Scotland' Outer Hebrides islands: Birlinn Yarn Company! We absolutely love the sheep, the setting and the family that works together to create this spectacular line of yarn. Their croft (a small family farm), called Sunhill, is home to a flock of pedigree Hebridean sheep. After lambing on the farm in spring, the sheep are taken out (by boat!) to graze all summer and fall on the many islands that dot the Sound of Harris. They are truly seafaring sheep! The beautiful Hebridean fleeces, in combination with those from neighboring Cheviot flocks, spin up into a rustic, sturdy yarn suitable for all kinds of wear. We love BYC's 4 Ply Natural and Hebridean Colors, offered up in a range of natural colors and organically dyed hues.

about the designer

Suzie Briddsang is a guide and tour manager for Rowan Tree Travel. She designed this shawl while picturing herself wrapped in it at home, in front of the fireplace, and also with it draped across her as she tries to sleep during long, international flights. As a designer, Suzie is adamant that wearables incorporate craftsmanship, utility and joy - in their making and then in the wearing. In the words of William Morris, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Suzie would say that sentiment is appropriate for our closets as well. Clothes that work hard, suit many situations and are a joy to make and wear - well, that's where the magic lies. The Far Fields is her second pattern offering in collaboration with Rowan Tree Travel. Suzie is also an avid travel writer and loves visiting fiber animals at every destination. Travel along by visiting her blog.

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