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This design is born of the settings, colors, movements, and sounds of fiestas (festive gatherings) in northern New Mexico, my current and ancestral home. For Amor, a sociable introvert, she is inspired by the spirit of smaller, more intimate fiestas. Such fiestas embody communal happiness and in her deepest memories they are warm environments surrounded by friends, family, song, dancing, shared memory, flavors as familiar as her own name, and the resounding contentment of being with loved ones. This shawl, within its fine details, carries echoes of those sounds, the vibrant atmosphere, and celebration of the living spirit of connection. This, indeed, makes us happy.

about the yarn

Caravan by Crave Yarn Sport 7% Superwash Extra Fine Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Camel, 10% Silk MC 1062yds = 3 skeins CC1 177 yds = 1 50g skein CC2 177yds = 1 50g skein

about the designer

Amor is self-professed fiber obsessive and designer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She focuses on knitwear design and casual exploration into the larger realm of fiber arts.

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