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    Click on any tour to see a brief synopsis and links to either a full itinerary and registration.

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    Scroll down to learn more about Tour Activity levels and Mobility Comfort levels.

    activity & mobility comfort levels

    While our Tour Activity Level describes what to expect on a tour, our Mobility Comfort Level is personal to each traveler. Different destinations offer different accessibility when it comes to accommodations, terrain, and activities to name a few. The full tour itinerary will list a suggested mobility comfort level to help travelers find the right tour for them. 

    tour activity level

    Abbotsford, Home of Sir Walter Scott


    One location for at least 4 nights, minimal travel time, with bus rides typically of less than an hour,  the ability to stay back and relax on any given day, physical activity levels may vary but will be optional and energizing, occasional walks, jaunts to nearby sites of interest and a creative or fiber-related activity which extends through the week.

    Sheep on roadside

    woolly wander

    A relaxed paced tour covering a moderate geographical scope with 2-4 nights in each location, time to explore each location that we visit and to knit each evening in community. Bus times of 0 - 3 hours and walking distances of 1-3 miles over over the course of the day. A variety of historical, cultural and natural sites in addition to time for fiber workshops. Occasional opportunities to stay back for the day.

    Broadway Tower, Cotswolds England


    High energy tours covering a broad region with hotel stays of 1-3 nights in each location, bus time of up to 4 hours spread across each day, walking 3-6 miles per day while  visiting a wide variety of historical, cultural and natural sites with an average of one fiber stop each day. Note: Walking Holiday expeditions typically hike 8-15 miles per day.

    mobility comfort level

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