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2023 grand prize winner

"Sheep at Sunset"

by Anna-Lisa Miller, Knitter's Tour of British Breeds May 2022

If we could pick a photo to set as our website's homepage, this would be the one. Beautiful place? Check. Fiber animal? Check. A hint of adventure, with something wonderful just over the horizon that we should wander over and explore? Definitely. While we admit there's no knitting, not one piece of travel gear or even any people present in this photo, it EXACTLY represents the way we want you to feel when traveling with us: pretty darned wonderful. A trip is a collection of singular, unique and deeply felt moments. This is a good 'un, right here.

Grand Prize Winner - Sheep at Sunset

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Photos that truly stood out from the herd: atmospheric, humorous or abstract in nature.

Pure Joy
Photos that shine with the kind of joy that makes all the work of preparing
tours completely worthwhile.

Heart of RTTF

These are pics of us, sent by you, that reflect something inherent in our role.