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Rowan Tree Travel is an independent travel company based in the US. We design and facilitate small group tours rooted in an interest in craft, culture, unique environments, and the camaraderie associated with travel.  The business was started in 2013, by Heather Radl.
Since then, we've built a network of
devoted participants, friends,
artisans, and hosts
that enrich every

Heather Radl

loves designing and leading knitting and fiber tours. She’s fascinated with local traditions, unique yarns, and the modern twist added to both by current designers. Her ever-widening exposure to both has led to a long queue of patterns and a dramatic accumulation of stash!  She’s also been trying her hand at new wooly endeavors like wet felting. When not knitting, traveling or planning your next trip, Heather tends her small flock of chickens and ducks, volunteers in her local thrift shop, and spends time with her two dogs, her husband’s cat, her family, and friends in Dunbarton, NH.

Suzie Briddsang

is an avid knitter, spinner, and all-around fiber enthusiast plus writer, gardener, outdoor and music festival devotee, and adventurer.  When she realized she could combine her love of making things with her love for travel and new experiences, she found her happy place! Suzie lives in Santa Fe, NM and treasures the high desert, offbeat community of “The City Different”.  She’s the author and illustrator of 2011’s The Nervous New Owner’s Guide to Angora Rabbits. No longer a fiber animal owner, she loves nothing more than visiting fiber animals someone else owns -- preferably in another country. She writes about her travel experiences at