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Rowan Tree Travel is an independent travel company based in the US. We design and facilitate small group tours rooted in an interest in craft, culture, unique environments, and the friendships and memories that emerge from grand adventures. Rowan Tree Travel was founded in 2013, by Heather Radl. Since then, we've built a network of devoted participants, friends, artisans, and hosts that enrich every excursion. 

We explore traditional and contemporary fiber work everywhere we go. We also offer specialized trips for crafting guilds,  yarn/wool shops, and groups of like-minded friends. In fact, half our trips each year are bespoke tours. We can facilitate a fiber-infused trip for you to any of our current destinations. Let us know if you have another destination in mind. We're happy to help you explore textiles, fiber, and making anywhere in the world!
Current Destinations: Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands, Greece, Iceland, Canada, United States.
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