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Our walking trips are not about getting to the top of the mountain. They're about getting to know a place by meandering through it.

When everyone else heads to the shops, do you gaze off toward those the far hills? If you enjoy scrambling over rocks, feel compelled to see that spectacular view, or stop to notice the wildflowers along the way, our walking trips might be the thing for you. Spend time outside in an entirely new environment. Landscape, street-scape, on and off the beaten path. Join us for a walk.




The Fall



Join us for a six day retreat at heavenly Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott. Situated on the River Tweed, it's a fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding landscape and history.  Add in workshops on indigo dye and creative stitchery.  It's a summer's-end getaway that allows you to choose your activity level each day. Will you decide to go, go, go or completely chill out?

Add to our Wool & Whisky tour to extend your time in Scotland, save $100 .


August 29 - September 4, 2020

$2500, not including airfare




A Creative Voyage through the Greek Isles

Join us for a walking and creativity trip overseas. We've chartered the Aegeotissa and will be sailing from island to island while hiking, swimming, visiting villages, markets, artisans, archeological sites, and sampling local food. Each morning will offer a facilitated creative work session. And Athens will be ours to explore at the beginning and end of the trip. 

This trip is currently in development. If you would like to be contacted when registration opens, please let us know by hitting the button below.


April 22 - 30, 2021

$3700, not including airfare

Rowan Tree Travel's walking trips are typically a week to ten days in duration.

Please be prepared to walk 8-10 miles per day with a possible elevation change of 1,000 feet.


Our typical walking pace (on flat terrain) is a mile in 18-20 minutes.

You'll need good walking shoes or boots, well broken in ahead of time.

Bring good gear. Raincoat, light thermal layers, hat for shade, and walking poles are recommended. We provide a packing list and will alert you about any particular gear needed for a destination.

We encourage you to monitor the needs of your body and provide good self care throughout the trip.  You are welcome to step out of any day's walking activities. Jet lag, lack of sleep, or slight injury can easily be overcome with a day's rest.

Our trips typically include a handful of split walks. Trip guides take separate routes  - one more challenging than the other - to accommodate differing abilities, interest and energy levels.

If you have questions about our walking trips, please do contact us!