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Woolen Wales

Not Yet Scheduled

Wales is a gem of a destination, especially for fiber enthusiasts. We’ll be there during the region’s preeminent fiber festival, Wonderwool Wales, which showcases a variety of fiber materials, methods and makers. Join us as we explore this wool event plus travel through sheep-dotted hills, wild moorland, rugged coastline, glimpse hidden waterfalls and enjoy stellar hospitality.
Trip Activity Level: Woolly Wander
Wild Wool in Wales

Not Yet Scheduled

Join us in Wales for a Wild and Woolly Retreat.  Not only will we be "Knitting Outside the Box," we will be thinking and living outside of it as well.  Accommodations will be rustic as we experience "Glamping" - a comfortable and rather luxurious type of camping!  In addition to typical sightseeing involving castles, we will visit gardens, cathedrals and museums, seaside villages and take walks along the wild coastal paths to remote beaches.


*Rustic Accommodations are in multi-bedroom cabins and include a mix of private, allocated bathrooms in the bathhouse and shared cabin bathrooms

Trip Activity Level: Woolly Wander
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