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Wool & Wonders of New Zealand

Wool & Wonders of New Zealand

Hobbits and Possums and Sheep, Oh, my! 


Explore all things woolly and wonderful in Aotearoa - Aotearoa being the Maori name for the two islands that make up New Zealand. From Auckland on the North Island to Queenstown at the tip of the South Island, we visit local yarn shops, explore the volcanic landscape, and participate in workshops along the way.


  • learn the Maori craft of flax spinning
  • the traditional uses of pounamu (Maori jade),
  • take High Tea surrounded by beautiful gardens,
  • spend two days at an 11,000 head Merino sheep station in the Kaikoura Mountain Range
  • watch for albatross, penguins and, with a little bit of “patupaiarehe” luck (magic folk of Maori-lore), the elusive kiwi.


Activity level: Expedition


Full itinerary & registration:

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