Rowena Tea Towels

Rowena Tea Towels

Who doesn’t love a tea towel? Especially one depicting a dreamy scene. Our shepherdess, Rowena, relaxes under the “wayfarer’s tree”, knitting project in hand and a wee bottle of whisky nearby. Her flock grazes calmly just over there. The Rowan Tree Travel hot air balloon drifts by with a couple of… wait, are those some of Rowena’s sheep off for an adventure?!?!? Rascals!


Enjoy our soft, absorbent tea towel for drying clean hands and dishes. Drape it across a warm, yeasty loaf as it rises on a corner of your kitchen table. Embroider it, dye it, doodle on it or simply enjoy a smile every time you pull it from the drawer for use. Let it remind you of past trips and prompt imaginings of trips to come.   


Particulars: 100 % cotton. 19 in. x 28 in. Total weight 2.3 oz. Pre-washed to avoid shrinking (pre-wash before use to maximize absorbency).  

  • Washer and dryer safe