Lyonesse by Blacker Yarns

Lyonesse by Blacker Yarns

We love taking knitters to the UK. Over the centuries, the British wool trade, wool production and… well, wool everything has flourished, then diminished, then all but disappeared and most recently, enjoyed something of a renaissance. It’s a combined effort on the part of the UK’s Campaign for Wool (started and strongly supported by HRH The Prince of Wales), independent and locally-run wool mills, sheep keepers, knitwear designers, yarn store owners and handknitters who want to support high-quality wool from their own backyard. One of the key players in this effort has been Blacker Yarns. They’ve been producing home-grown and breed-specific yarns in the UK since 2008.


Blacker Yarns Lyonesse, a blend of wool and linen, offers a refreshing breathability, a bit of toothy texture and gentle, sunwashed colors. Enjoy! 


About the Yarn Maker

Blacker Yarns was started in 2008 as a sister company to The Natural Fibre Company, a woollen mill located in Cornwall, UK. Since its inception in the 1980s, NFC has grown through the years in both production levels and expertise into one of the country’s finest yarn producers. They spin both woolen and worsted style, work with a variety of fibers, offer in-house dyeing and specialize in something quite unusual in the UK: breed-specific British wool yarn. We are delighted to visit them during our Knitter’s Tour of British Breeds trip. We’re also pleased to connect our “armchair travelers” with the innovative team (mill and yarn company) that have worked so hard to revitalize the British wool market. Learn more about them by perusing the Blacker Yarns website at

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