Hand Stitched Sachet Kits with Suzie’s Herbal Wool Guard

Hand Stitched Sachet Kits with Suzie’s Herbal Wool Guard

Protect your woolens and enjoy some mindful stitching time!  We’ve collaborated with Scottish indigo dyer and stitching maven Lindsay Roberts to create stitch kits that serve both purposes.  Stitch up these little bags and fill them with Suzie’s Herbal Wool Guard to keep moths at bay.


Since Lindsay’s passion for color and textiles takes her to India on a regular basis, the included fabrics are a sampling from textile artisans there. The madder-dyed and soft purple fabrics are khadi (spun and woven by hand) while the bright zig-zag pattern is block-printed.  


Instructions are included, of course, but when it comes to decorating them - well, that’s where your creativity comes into the picture.  You can make them as simple or as complex as you like.  Lindsay has provided some stitching samples and you’re welcome to try her techniques. Or, seek inspiration from your own heart, hands and surroundings!  Heather and Audrey stitched up samples which are quite different from Lindsay’s original designs and illustrate their personalities so well.  Heather’s echo her recent travels in Greece - scenes from her boat trip on one, and traditional Greek textile patterns on the other. Audrey’s creative spirit led to a collaboration with her son, whom she is homeschooling, and their stitchery shows off a wonderful combination of spirals, texture, and a dragonfly.  (Neither Heather nor Audrey are used to stitching, so this is firm proof that anyone can tackle this project!) Where will you find your inspiration?  Your garden, memories of your travels or patterns that catch your eye?  Or will you just let your mind wander and see what happens once you have thread and needle in hand? We can’t wait to see what you make!


The pack contains everything needed to complete a pair of sachets as well as sufficient herbal mix to fill them both.  



  • Instructions by Lindsay Roberts

  • Madder dyed khadi cotton from Rajasthan OR purple khadi cotton from Karnataka

  • Block print cotton from Gujarat in red OR indigo

  • White cotton to line the bags

  • Two contrasting shades of embroidery floss, a needle and Lithuanian linen for drawstrings

  • Suzie’s Herbal Wool Guard mixture

  • Rowan Tree Travel project bag


About the Designer:

Lindsay Roberts, aka The Border Tart, is best known in our knitting world as an indigo dyer who offers an assortment of hand dyed yarns.  From her home in the Borders of Scotland, she indulges her passion for color and textiles by creating hand stitched bags with Boro stitching. Her bags are made from many unique fabrics, including Scottish linen, fabrics she dyes herself and the goodies she collects while in India. Always keen to share her love of stitching, she also offers an assortment of stitching kits with fun buttons, threads, and other fibres to keep things interesting. Lindsay will be helping us create textile travel journals during our Make-Walk-Explore Fall Retreat at Abbotsford, in the Borders of Scotland.


About the Herbal Wool Guard

If there’s one thing that knitters, weavers and fiber fanatics fear, it’s a moth. But not just any moth! There are two tiny flyers that strike terror into the hearts of those who love, work with and wear wool: the casemaking clothes moth (tinea pellionella) and the webbing clothes moth (tineola bisselliella). Either of these tiny, winged, cream-colored insects can mean holes in your sweaters,

severed skeins of yarn and chomping caterpillars in your roving, combed top and raw fleeces. What’s a fiber lover to do? Can moths be discouraged - eradicated, even - without using toxic chemicals or unpleasant mothballs?


The answer is yes.


A few simple tactics, combined with non-toxic repellents, will protect your wool garments and supplies. The most important weapon in your arsenal? Knowledge. Know your enemy! By understanding what moths love and are drawn toward, you can make your wool seem undesirable. Convince those moths that anywhere else is a better place to spend time than amongst your woolen treasures!


Our Herbal Wool Guard contains a mixture of:

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Pennyroyal
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