Felicita, the Felted Sheep

Felicita, the Felted Sheep

NOTE: Given that each Felicita is individually handmade, shipping will take place 6-8 weeks from when orders are placed.


Felting Artist Mary Stadelmann of Stone's Throw Farm is a dear friend of Rowan Tree Travel, having been on our very first knitting tour in 2014! She expanded from knitting into spinning and felting when she had a small flock of Shetland Sheep about 6 years ago and has been needle felting for friends and family ever since. We are excited to announce her debut as a business with our exclusive offer of a series of felted sheep, starting with our own iconic Felicita!


Each sheep that Mary makes takes 5-6 hours of work to get them just right. She begins by creating the shape with posable armature wire so that when your sheep arrives, you can pose them however you like! Next, the core is created and shaped to the particular breed of sheep she is working on with wool from local flocks which is excellent for creating a dense platform for her artistic license. Then the fun begins! Beeswax is molded to the shape of little cloven hooves and the face and ears add character and personality to these woolly works of art! Finally, working with curly locks from the breed she is creating, she builds out the woolly coat in all its glory. With Felicita, the final touch is a Rowan Crown made of felt leaves and glass beads for the berries.


Now, our Felicita is a breed apart - a mythic celebration of woolly goodness - so Mary chose locally raised Cotswold fleece to capture her spirit. When creating other breeds, however, she either sources the wool locally, or reaches out to one of the farms that Rowan Tree Travel works with. Stay tuned for what's next!


  • Felicita’s measurements average 7" tall by 8.5" long, but each Felicita is an individual work of art.
  • These works of art are not meant to be toys, but they are posable, and lots of fun!
  • Please handle gently and keep away from pets who may be attracted by the natural sheepy smell of the fibres and be tempted to nibble!

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