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Oaxaca Through the Lens of La Guelaguetza

Oaxaca Through the Lens of La Guelaguetza

Oaxaca City is host to the most famous indigenous gathering of it’s kind in all of Mexico - La Guelaguetza!  


Enjoy the mountain air while experiencing an extraordinary, once-a-year cultural event. La Guelaguetza is a summer festival in which all seven major indigenous communities come to the city to present traditional dancing, costumes, parades, walking bands, native food, and artisanal crafts.  Get ready to delight your senses as we stroll through textile museums, sit down for a mezcal tasting, mole and more.  


  • visit the preeminent pre-Columbian archeological site Monte Albán,
  • enjoy studio visits for uniquely specialized crafts such as rug weaving with natural dyes, rebozo and back-strap weaving, black clay pottery and more. 


Activity level: Retreat


Full itinerary & registration


Special note: significant walking on cobblestone paving 

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