Armchair Travel Knit Kit 4: Feliz Shawl

Armchair Travel Knit Kit 4: Feliz Shawl

We are delighted to feature Amor Esperanza, from our Rowan Tree home team, as the designer for our Armchair Travel Knit Kit #4. In her design, Feliz, Amor was inspired by northern New Mexico, her ancestral home. The textures and the colors of her design echo the beautiful landscapes and family traditions she grew up in. Rowan Tree Travel has a heartfelt connection to New Mexico, as half of our team lives in New Mexico (Amor and Suzie), and we run a beautifully rich tour there that is very dear to our hearts: Wool Lover's Visit to New Mexico tour.


This design captured our imaginations and our hearts so completely that we knit up three full versions. We just couldn’t choose only one color set. The colors, as you see, are dynamic and intense and we suspect you may have trouble choosing just one set yourselves. But rest assured, no matter the colors you go with, you will be pleased, and you will revel in this project which is novel and interesting, and still wholly accessible. And as your project grows you will delight in the luxurious fabric that takes shape across your lap. Enjoy, our Merry Band of Travelers, Enjoy!



  • Crave Yarn Caravan, sport weight, 70% Superwash Extrafine Merino/ 10% Camel/ 10% Cashmere/ 10% Mulberry Silk, 354 yd (100g): Main Color (top image in the set collages)
    • 300g Main Color
    • Contrast Color 1 - 50g
    • Contrast Color 2 - 50g
    • Electronic Pattern (pdf - delivered by email and QR code)
    • 4 turquoise Stitch Markers (made by RTT for YOU)
    • An RTT Project Bag
    • Northern New Mexico Tortillas (recipe)
    • Kit Cards


Amor’s Design Description:

Feliz (pronounced Feh-leez) means "happy" in my mother tongue, Spanish. This design is born of the settings, colors, movements, and sounds of fiestas in northern New Mexico, my current and ancestral home. For me, more than the public citywide festivals that take place annually throughout the state, I am inspired by the spirit of smaller more intimate fiestas. Fiestas embody communal happiness and in my deepest memories they are warm environments surrounded by friends, family, song, dancing, shared memory, flavors as familiar as my own name, and the resounding contentment of being with loved ones. This shawl, within its fine details, carries echoes of those sounds, the vibrant atmosphere, and celebration of the living spirit of connection. This, indeed, makes me happy.Feliz is worked in two major sections. The first builds the main triangle body that is adorned with a very simple cable motif. The second section begins with picked up stitches and will introduce textured color stripes that will give the bottom left edge a festive colorscape. The striped section utilizes welts to give the colors greater dimensional depth. Finally, the shawl is finished with a unique ribbed ruffle that echoes the beautiful flowing and abundant skirts of fiesta dresses.


About the Yarn:

Crave Yarn Caravan boasts a luxurious hand and drape, with a spin construction intended for strength, longevity, and refined stitch definition. This yarn was personally designed by Amor in 2018. Amor created and built Crave Yarn over seven years into an artisan yarn company that specializes in luxurious natural fiber yarns hand-dyed in a spectrum of rich sophisticated, yet vibrant colors. This tradition has been shared and is now being carried forward by Amor's dear freinds, Patti and Hanna Odinak, the new owners and loving dyers of Crave Yarn. This may be your first project with Caravan, but we’re sure it won’t be your last. And if you are already familiar with Crave Yarn and Caravan, then we are no doubt singing to the choir with our praise for this delicious yarn.


About the Designer:

Amor Esperanza Valdez is a fiber artist with a particular penchant for the art of color, and the interplay between color and fiber as a means of creating textural (wearable) landscapes. In addition to being an artist and artisan entrepreneur, Amor has a background in social and cultural anthropology. This background gives her a particular appreciation for the ways that we as makers create, interpret, and engage with our material world. She believes that fiber arts practices, such as the act of patiently manifesting a wearable loved object, serve as mindfulness rituals that teach us to weave our physical, temporal and emotional world into moments of peaceful presence. Finally, Amor is a member of the Rowan Tree Travel family. She employs her own breadth of creative sensibilities as the designer of our website and travel brochures. May we suggest…As you head out to the park or for a hike with your Feliz project, you're going to want to stay hydrated. Our beautiful Rowan Tree Travel Felicita water bottle is the perfect thing for that. You can look at our offerings and place your order HERE.

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