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Midsummer Knitting in Norway

June 7 - 16, 2024

Come away with us to knit under the midsummer bright sky in Norway! Our visit here will be during the longest summer days, with just an hour or less between dawn and dusk! Will you stay up to witness it?  Our tour will be focused around Bergen and the beautiful fjordlands that surround it. We will take full advantage of the spectacular scenery with scenic train and boat rides, quaint hotels with water views, and even a floating sauna so that you can jump right in the fjord to cool off! We will learn all about Norway's textile traditions, from the Varafell cloaks known as Viking Life Insurance and woven from locks of wool, to Norwegian colorwork techniques.  We will experience natural dyeing, become familiar with the knitting industry that has produced the iconic Norwegian sweaters we all know and love, and of course, meet the local sheep and shepherdesses! 


Tour Cost, per person:

  • Single: $6400

  • Budget Single: $6250

  • Flex: $5600

  • Cozy Shared: $5250

Tour Activity Level:

We would describe this trip as a Woolly Wander. If you'd like to review our trip activity levels, take a look here.

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