We can help you build and maintain the community that sustains your store.

If you own an LYS (local yarn store), you are more than a business person. You're so much more than a supplier of materials. You create community, support hands-on learning,  and provide a comfortable haven where people take a break from their crazy lives to revel in beautiful colors, textures, and talk. We recognize what you do. We know it's not easy. We want to help.  An essential part of LYS sustainability is building that cadre of loyal, supportive customers. They learn from you, buy from you, and trust you. Offer them something else to enjoy through your store: access to travel. We coordinate fiber-infused trips for LYS groups to destinations in the British Isles and beyond.  The store owner or a valued staff member gets to go along. It's an amazing experience for everyone - one more way your customers' lives are enriched by your store. For more information, contact us. We're happy to talk with you about how it all works.

Rowan Tree Travel

315 Stark Highway North

Dunbarton, NH 03046


IG/FB @rowantreetravel

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