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Ireland Through the
Maker's Lens

Not yet scheduled

Join us for a very special journey to The Emerald Isle - one book-ended by festivals! On arrival, we’ll head to Ireland’s west coast to immerse ourselves in the music of the Doolin Folk Festival. At trip's end, we'll be in Dublin for the country’s biggest yarn, fiber and textiles event: Woollinn. In between, we’ll journey through lively towns, scenic countryside, meet Irish makers and fiber artists, visit historic sites, enjoy farm-to-table venues, try a bit of Irish whiskey and enjoy good Irish craic in the local pubs. Ready to explore Ireland, plus revel in traditional music and a fantastic fiber festival? We can’t wait to take you there.

Tour Activity Level:

We would describe this trip as an Expedition. If you'd like to review our trip activity levels, take a look here.

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