Knit the Greek Isles Fantastic with Louis and GG

We have planned an amazing voyage in Greece with Louis Boria of Brooklyn Boy Knits and Gaye Glasspie of GGmadeit, and we all want you to join us! Click the button below to download the tour brochure. 

Registration is now Open!

Registration is first come first serve. We have 36 spots to fill; after those spots are filled, registrants will be added to the waiting list in order that their registration forms were submitted. If you wish to travel with someone else, we will give each applicant the opportunity to identify any other individuals that they are wanting to travel with, so if one person in a group gets in, then their traveling companions will also be among given spots. Because we expect this trip to fill up quickly, it would be good for every person in a traveling group to submit a registration form upon opening to increase your chances of one of you being offered a spot.


An invoice for the required $50 deposit will be emailed to you once we contact you to let you know we have a spot open for you. 

The button below this text will take you to our online registration form.

Scholarship Fund

At Rowan Tree Travel, we strongly believe that travel feeds the soul, fires the imagination and creates important connections between people. When we say knitting the world together one trip at a time, we really mean it. In an effort to bring the experiences of travel to an ever-widening community, we have created a scholarship fund. Its aim is to offset the economic and logistical obstacles faced by many in the creative community. Our scholarship fund will bridge the gap between those who want to travel but don’t have the means, and those who do and are enthusiastic about helping others reach their dreams. Join us in making the adventure of travel accessible to all, won’t you? 
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