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An Ionian Knitting Odyssey

May 25 - June 4, 2023

Join us for a floating knitting retreat in the Ionian Islands of Greece! We will enjoy the adventure of life aboard The Aegeotissa II - a 12 cabin boat which looks like a pirate ship! With 7 days to enjoy 5 spectacular locations in the Ionian Sea, you will have plenty of time to swim, nap, knit, nap, eat and explore! Fabulous food is served for both breakfast and lunch on board the boat as well as in the many tavernas you will have to choose from in port. Our normal days will be spent motoring to a new location in the mornings after breakfast, a swim stop at an enticing and remote beach while lunch is prepared, and then a short journey to port where you can disembark and explore. Please Note: Ship Accommodations require a certain level of mobility, such as being able to back down down steep steps to the sleeping quarters.
Tour Cost, per person:
Single: $4700
Flex: $4560
Shared: $3450
Trip Activity Level: Retreat
Make . Walk . Explore

Not Yet Scheduled

Join us for a walking and creativity trip overseas. We've chartered the Aegeotissa and will be sailing from island to island while hiking (4-6 miles), swimming, visiting villages, markets, artisans, archeological sites, and sampling local food. Each morning will offer a facilitated, creative work session. 
Trip Activity Level: Expedition
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