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As makers (aka artists, artisans, crafters, people who work with their hands), we're at our happiest when doing, seeing and learning about the creative process. 

Paint or fabric, wood or metal, glass or glue. The media doesn't matter. Every way of making leads to an appreciation of the others. And since we're makers, we love to explore craft work wherever we go. Our trips incorporate an exploration of a region's traditional processes, materials and techniques so we can better understand its culture and people. Then we connect with contemporary artisans to learn how that culture has evolved - is evolving -  over time. There's so much to see, learn, and appreciate. If you're interested in travel  inextricably linked with creative work, come along with us!




The Fall



Join us for a six day retreat at heavenly Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott. Situated on the River Tweed, it's a fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding landscape and history.  Add in workshops on indigo dye and creative stitchery.  It's a summer's-end getaway that allows you to choose your activity level each day. Will you decide to go, go, go or completely chill out?


Add to our Wool & Whisky tour to extend your time in Scotland, save $100.


August 29 - September 4, 2020

$2500, not including airfare

A Wool Lover's

Visit to

New Mexico

We are excited to host you fiber enthusiasts in the Land of Enchantment (aka New Mexico). This part of the United States has history, people and a landscape unlike any other.  Come for a week of amazing food and sunny skies. Get to know our mosaic of cultures. And of course, we'll spend time with local wool/fiber animals/dyeing/artisan folks. Two nights in Albuquerque, the remainder in Santa Fe.


November 2-10, 2020

$2000, not including airfare




A Creative Voyage through the Greek Isles

Join us for a walking and creativity trip overseas. We've chartered the Aegeotissa and will be sailing from island to island while hiking, swimming, visiting villages, markets, artisans, archeological sites, and sampling local food. Each morning will offer a facilitated creative work session. And Athens will be ours to explore at the beginning and end of the trip.  Make, walk, explore indeed!

This trip is currently in development. If you would like to be contacted when registration opens, please let us know by hitting the button below.


April 22 - 30, 2021

$3700, not including airfare

Rowan Tree Travel specializes in overseas group travel for crafting guilds,  yarn/wool shops, and groups of like-minded friends. In fact, half our trips each year are bespoke tours. We are ready, willing and able to facilitate a fiber-infused trip for you to Iceland, Scotland, England, Ireland or Denmark & the Faroe Islands. We also offer group tours in Santa Fe, New

Mexico - a domestic destination rich with southwestern food, music, art, landscape and culture.  Let us know if you have another destination in mind. We're happy to help you explore textiles, fiber, and making -- anywhere in the world!

Got a group?  Contact us.  Let's discuss setting up a trip.    LYS owners (that's "local yarn store") will want to take a look here.