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Fiber Ambassadors

Why does Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft use the expression Fiber Ambassador instead of the more traditional title of Tour Guide?  In short, Fiber Ambassador describes what we do more accurately. A  guide is expected to know all the answers about everything related to your destination. Our trip leaders don't have that kind of knowledge. What they DO have is experience with and love for the place you're visiting plus experience in domestic and/or international travel. Our trip leaders' chief responsibility is to facilitate your enjoyable, stress-free experiences in the culture, history, craft tradition and contemporary artisanship at your destination. Anytime you travel with us, expect a Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft Fiber Ambassador (or two) to meet, greet, shepherd you about, troubleshoot on your behalf, provide insight based on their own experiences of the destination and share in the camaraderie of every trip.

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Anna Toher

Fiber Ambassador, Iceland

We’re so lucky to have found Anna! She’s a native Icelander and lives in Kópavogur, just south of Reykjavik. In her work at the National Museum of Iceland, she greets and guides visitors through the exhibitions while explaining the history, changes to and current culture of her home country. She holds a BA in Art History and Tourism. She’s also training to become a certified guide. Anna rediscovered knitting in 2020 after a 30 year hiatus. Now she’s unstoppable – and has compiled “a lot of stash” along with numerous projects. Leading trips with Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft gives her the opportunity to share her passion for knitting, wool, travel and history with visitors from all over the world.

Lindsay Roberts

Fiber Ambassador, Scotland

Lindsay, aka  “The Border Tart”, is a dyer, a stitcher, a maker and a lover of words. Inspired by color and pattern and passionate about Indian artisans and textiles, she values most highly all things made by hand. Lindsay uses both indigo and acid dyes to produce a full range of colors in her dye work. Her offerings are sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, but they seldom shout. She’s also a proponent of mindful stitching and hand work of all kinds. In her words, “Making with your own hands brings pleasure, calms the heart rate and imbues each piece with love.” Peruse her hand-dyed yarns and small edition stitching kits here. You’ll also find her images, thoughts and adventures on Instagram at @bordertart. We’re so pleased to collaborate with this wonderful Scottish artisan and teacher. 

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