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COVID-19 Specific questions

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How does Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft determine whether it's safe to travel post-COVID?
We continue to monitor national & international news, health and travel resources in both the United States and in our host countries. We base our analysis on travel advisories, current pandemic statistics PLUS consideration of the logistical, emotional and financial consequences of any currently required documentation, testing, potential quarantines and airline policies regarding cancellations, fees and credits. After thoroughly researching all that will impact a tour, we make a "GO" or "NO GO" decision anywhere from 1 - 3 months prior to the departure date. When we are able to give the green light for "GO", it will be because we conclude international travel to be a safe, relaxed, financially secure and completely engaging experience.

How will I know what's required by my destination country if I'm traveling while the pandemic is still a factor?
If you are registered for a tour with Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft, we will advise you within 1 month of your departure date as to the specific vaccination, testing and documentation requirements for the trip. We will also provide you with options and advice that make the logistics of meeting these requirements less stressful.

What if Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft cancels our trip because of COVID-19?
If circumstances for travel become untenable and we we have to cancel a trip, registered participants have several options. Each participant may choose from among the following choices:

  • If the trip has been rescheduled for a future date, you may have your registration and payments transferred to the new, rescheduled trip. In general, a rescheduling for 8 - 12 months later results in an overall cost increase of 5 - 8 % of the original tour cost. The increase is reflective of new quotes from our transportation, accommodation and artisan providers.
  • You may have your registration and payments transferred to any other Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft tour that is open for registration. We provide a list to everyone at the time of trip cancellation so you can consider potential destinations and dates.
  • You may choose to have Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft hold payments as a credit toward an as-yet-undecided future tour with us.
  • Should Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft cancel your tour due to unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-19, you will automatically receive a travel credit with us for payments made. Travel credit may be applied toward any RTTF tour for 18 months following your original travel dates.  If unable to travel with us within that time frame, RTTF will work with you to determine the best possible outcome per your circumstances.

Should I go ahead and sign up for a trip even though it seems COVID-19 is here to stay?
Absolutely yes! Registering for a trip involves filling out our online form and sending in a deposit to hold your spot. If the trip cannot be a "GO," we'll work with you to choose another that suits you. It's better to hold a spot on a tour in which you're interested in than to wait and hope there will be an opening later. Our trips fill quickly. We're committed to taking care of our community of travelers. And that means no penalties for planning to travel with us.
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