Trip Activity Levels

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We describe the activity level, or pace, of our tours as moderate. Our intention, with tours, is to offer you a sampling of the landscape, culture and fiber activity of our destination. To that end, our days are very busy, with multiple stops and visits. Evenings are typically not scheduled, though there will be occasional (and usually optional) evening offerings. We change hotels every 1 – 3 nights. Participants should be prepared to walk distances of up to a mile, be able to handle their own luggage (in and out of the airport, hotels and touring mini-coaches) and must alert us as to any health conditions that may impact their mobility. Keep in mind that elevators and ramps are not as widely available overseas as they are here in the US. Free afternoons and evenings are included in the itinerary, offered intermittently throughout the duration of the tour.
We describe the activity level, or pace, of our walking trips as active. Our intention is to offer you a direct experience of a destination’s landscape, with auxiliary visits to urban, cultural and craft-related points of interest. We change hotels every 1 – 2 nights as we move across our destination. Daily hikes average from 8 – 12 miles and may include an elevation change of 1,000 feet. Our typical pace (on flat terrain) is a mile in 15 minutes.  You’ll need good walking shoes or boots, rain gear, thermal layers and any other gear specific to the destination’s climate. We recommend the use of walking poles. Participants are supported in monitoring the needs of their body to provide good self-care throughout the trip. Jet lag, lack of sleep or slight injury can easily be overcome with a day’s rest. It is not problematic for individuals to opt out of a particular day’s hiking. Our trips often include a handful of split walks. Trip guides take separate routes – one more challenging than the other – to accommodate differing abilities, interest and energy levels.
We describe the activity level, or pace, of our retreats as restorative. Our intention is to provide a beautiful, relaxed and enriched environment in which participants decide for themselves the pace of their time with us. Retreats take place in a single setting such as a country house hotel, retreat center, specialty inn or lodge. Each day offers up a menu of creative, cultural and/or physical activities, both on and off site. Individuals may decide to enjoy a busy, bustling retreat or a more relaxed and restful one. Both are encouraged!