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Trip Activity Levels

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One location for at least 4 nights, minimal bus time, the ability to stay back and relax on any given day, physical activity levels may vary but will be optional and energizing, there will be a fiber related activity which extends through the week

Woolly Wanders
A relaxed paced tour covering a moderate geographical scope with 2-4 nights in each location, time to explore each location that we visit and to knit each evening in community. Bus times of 0 - 3 hours over the course of the day. A variety of historical, cultural and natural sites in addition to time for fiber workshops. Occasional opportunities to stay back for the day.
High energy tours covering a broad region with hotel stays of 1-3 nights in each location, bus time of up to 4 hours spread across each day, visiting a wide variety of historical, cultural and natural sites with an average of one fiber stop each day.
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